Freitag, 8. März 2013

The very first posting...

So today is the day I am finally having my own Sims2-Blogspot.
I'm so excited! The titel of my Blog is "What's it like to be a sim?" and this is actually also the topic of my postings. I will show you some of my most beautiful sims2-pictures. All of these will be ingame-shots, so no modelling or faking at all.

And because behind every picture there's always a little nice story, I will also tell you the backround of the shots and also of my sims.

By the way - "Charlotte Bloomwood" is not my real name but I use it as my synonym. It is the name of the first sim I created in my neighbourhood "Capulettaville". So she's (or better was) my startersim in a town now harbouring four generations of sims. I will soon show you a picture of her.